A future rich in legacy

Imagine the opportunity to join an organisation that merges the best of both worlds: a legacy brand, respected worldwide, which brings with it a creative approach to solving some of the biggest challenges facing businesses and consumers today.

You can help shape the next chapter of this legacy, and in the process, help deliver innovative solutions designed to revolutionise the way we work and live.

Join us on a journey

For more than a century, businesses and consumers have benefited from our unique range of products and solutions.

We are proud to say that the Sharp mechanical pencil was our first mass market invention. It became the inspiration behind our name. That product revolutionised the way people wrote at home, at work and at study. It seems so simple now but its legacy has been so powerful. 

And that’s the way we do things here: simplicity joins with powerful potential to transform the norm.

Where will you take us?

Today, our innovations have expanded to include a range of award-winning smart office products and services.

Our recent inventions feature flat panel displays, 4K and 8K technology, AI and IoT.

Most of all, we value the contributions of brilliant, inclusive people who bring our products and services to life for our customers. Learn more about our people.

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Partnership announced

We are pleased to welcome Complete I.T. to Sharp.

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